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The Latham Global IPO Guide – An Insider’s Guide

WorldWide Widgets, a non-US e-commerce company, is considering going public. In addition to offering its locally listed stock to investors outside the United States, WWW would like to sell to investors inside the United States in private transactions without registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. What are the key legal issues WWW is … Continue Reading

The Latham US IPO Guide – An Insider’s Guide to the IPO Process

Your tech startup, Input Process Output, Inc., is wildly successful. Everyone is telling you it’s time to start thinking about taking IPO public, but how do you know whether it’s the right move? The Latham US IPO Guide explains what you need to know about how to plan and execute a successful IPO in a … Continue Reading

Independence Day: Part II

NYSE/Nasdaq independence requirements for members of the corporate governance/nominating committee and compensation committee Members of the nominating/corporate governance and compensation committees do not need to meet Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for independence, but must meet independence (and certain other) requirements under the NYSE/Nasdaq rules.… Continue Reading

“For A Fistful of Dollars”: IPOs and Concurrent Private Deals

Note: Like much of what we do, this is a complex area and the consequences of getting it wrong are potentially significant (think Section 12(a)(1) recission rights). We discuss below guidance from the SEC that helps chart a course through this terrain. But the actual path will depend on the specific facts and circumstances.  We are issuer’s counsel … Continue Reading